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By Matthew Costello

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The 12 months is 2144...and the conflict over Earth's worthwhile assets has raged for a century. With worldwide economies in ruins and all-out global conflict greater than available, the U.S executive became to the Union Aerospace company, giving it carte blanche at the mythical pink planet of Mars in a determined bid to build an off-world outpost that may supply assets, an army good as anything so mystery that even contributors of presidency don't have a clue approximately it....

Special Ops Marine Lieutenant John Kane was a careerist easily completely happy to have a role, and couldn't care much less approximately politics simply so long as Uncle Sam's cost cleared. yet that was once earlier than he listened to his moral sense and disobeyed an immediate order. Busted right down to inner most, Kane has been reassigned to the "U.S. area Marines" -- the personal military of the UAC -- with the chance of changing into little greater than a glorified defense defend on Mars....

Now Lt. Kane's destiny leads him to Mars urban -- half environmental neighborhood, half lab middle, and all owned and guarded via the UAC. It's an odd global with a deadly setting, and the hundreds of thousands who stay and paintings in the urban have already started to consider themselves as Martians. And clear of Mars urban, on the unusual old websites exposed in the world, a small squad of marines stand protect whereas scientists discover wall glyphs and look for artifacts, having already stumbled on anything that's to date extraordinary and inexplicable -- together with the relic referred to as "U1," nicknamed "the Soul Cube" -- and unknown to all, the bringer of harmful chaos and unspeakable horror...

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The yr is 2144. .. and the conflict over Earth's invaluable assets has raged for a century. With worldwide economies in ruins and all-out global conflict greater than plausible, the U. S executive became to the Union Aerospace company, giving it carte blanche at the mythical pink planet of Mars in a determined bid to build an off-world outpost that would offer assets, an army virtue.

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