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ISBN-10: 0744014530

ISBN-13: 9780744014532


When Lara got down to ­find the mythical island of Yamatai, it appeared convincing the workforce of the patience to go into the harmful sector of the ocean often called The Dragon’s Triangle may turn out to be the best challenge.

Finding the island was once basically the start. Lara needs to discover, ­ struggle, and, mainly, live to tell the tale to flee the island’s relentless carry. display the secrets and techniques of this forgotten island with this crucial Signature sequence guide!


CODE FOR MULTIPLAYER personality - This Signature sequence technique advisor incorporates a code that unlocks the Scavenger Executioner multiplayer character


· whole WALKTHROUGH - We lead you step by step during the complete online game from begin to ­ finish—locate and whole each Challenge!

· specific hugely distinct MAPS - Our maps pinpoint each serious place in every one area.

o all of the COLLECTIBLES - locate each record, Relic, GPS Cache and more!

o each problem TOMB - discover each hidden Tomb!

o CACHES - Get the ­ re strength you need!

· finished MULTIPLAYER assurance - professional strategies for every multiplayer mode and loadout.

· a hundred% insurance - the entire problem Tombs, Achievements and Trophies, and all the secrets and techniques and Unlockables for a hundred% final touch.

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You may have noticed one of these crates on a piatform in the northeast corner of the previous forest area. lt is 0niy worth 1 0 Salvage, but if you wish, you can now get through the d00r that closed behind you and retrieve it. INVESTIGATE THE STRANGE VOICES As you follow the path. you hear voices ahead. Move up the steps to find Sam along with a stranger named Mathias (3). Lara gets some rest at their Base Camp, Forest Ruins. l 3!

Any blows Arrows Fast, Long Range Attacks Health Altack Styles Giant Club from his club send you reeling Melee and cause a massive amount of damage. so you must be quick Very High, Unbreakable Armor Very High on your feet to survive this fight. 1 you. All offer XP and Salvage as well. if you have trained the proper skills. :. , ,--.. hunting. use your ranged weapon, like your bow or pistol, to cull the creatures. Birds; Ra{s,,CrabS; and Rabbits offer no danger while you hunt. , minimal amount of damage, as can Boars.

Hunting. use your ranged weapon, like your bow or pistol, to cull the creatures. Birds; Ra{s,,CrabS; and Rabbits offer no danger while you hunt. , minimal amount of damage, as can Boars. "? t1,,, rsrano are tne island the Wolves. VVolVes. ,: ,. :, . ;;l: and you seldom see a lone Wolf. ',,. they get the attack these from a distance, before get chance to you in their slavering jaws. :',,,,,:::j& start to get too ciose, scramble out of the way to give yourself a moment to retaliate. ;.

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