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6 This Civilian Personnel, Military Personnel and furthered the concentration of planning and Training, and Planning and Control Divisions policy functions on the staff level. " vision unwieldy; the need for reorganizing cerThe establishment of the Planning and Contain of its important activities became apparent. trol Division early in 1941 resulted from the The most important basic reorganization in need to co-ordinate basic operating functions the OQMG before Pearl Harbor was initiated scattered throughout the commodity branches.

For this purpose it employed and transmits these requirements to the Director the services of Mr. R. R. Stevens of Montof the Procurement Service who does the actual gomery Ward and Company 52 who proposed purchasing. The Storage and Distribution Service certain organizational changes. also furnishes the Director of Procurement with His general conclusion was that the reorganthe desired distribution of the items to be purization had been in the right direction but had chased. Once the items have been procured and accepted, not gone far enough in co-ordinating related the Procurement Service has no further responsibility.

General Somervell also transportation, to make a special study of the favored a separate automotive corps, which subject, primarily from the viewpoint of effec- would be responsible not only for maintenance tive use and conservation of automotive equip- but also for design and procurement of tanks ment already on hand. 29 was restricted to vehicles of Quartermaster re- In an analysis of the Hertz report submitted sponsibility, and consequently tanks and other to the Chief of Staff, he emphasized that "the combat vehicles, which were procured by the reconditioning of the present automotive fleet, Ordnance Department, were excluded from the proper instruction of the present personnel, consideration in this investigation.

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The Quartermaster Corps - Org, Supply and Svcs [Vol I] by E. Risch

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