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EINTR is returned if a signal is caught while the process is in the middle of blocking, and waiting for a message to arrive. Let’s examine a quick wrapper function for retrieving a message from our queue: int read_message( int qid, long type, struct mymsgbuf *qbuf ) { int result, length; /* The length is essentially the size of the structure minus sizeof(mtype length = sizeof(struct mymsgbuf) - sizeof(long); if((result = msgrcv( qid, qbuf, length, type, { return(-1); } 0)) == -1) return(result); } After successfully retrieving a message from the queue, the message entry within the queue is destroyed.

The integer values are stored in an array of unsigned short integers pointed to by the array member of the union. GETNCNT Returns the number of processes currently waiting for resources. GETPID Returns the PID of the process which performed the last semop call. GETVAL Returns the value of a single semaphore within the set. GETZCNT Returns the number of processes currently waiting for 100% resource utilization. SETALL Sets all semaphore values with a set to the matching values contained in the array member of the union.

In another scenario, an application could mark error messages as having a message type of 1, request messages could be type 2, etc. The possibilities are endless. On another note, do not be misled by the almost too-descriptive name assigned to the message data element (mtext). This field is not restricted to holding only arrays of characters, but any data, in any form. The field itself is actually completely arbitrary, since this structure gets redefined by the application programmer. Consider this redefinition: struct my_msgbuf { long mtype; long request_id; struct client info; }; /* Message type */ /* Request identifier */ /* Client information structure */ Here we see the message type, as before, but the remainder of the structure has been replaced by two other elements, one of which is another structure!

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