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In each of the methods described below, two alternative evaluations are made for the ultimate lateral resistances at each point on the pile, for wedge type failure and for plastic flow failure, and the smaller of the two is taken as the ultimate resistance. Synthesis of p-u Curves for Piles in Sand Reese, Cox, and Koop (1974) A series of static and cyclic lateral load tests were performed on pipe piles driven in submerged sands (Cox, Reese, and Grubbs 1974; Reese, Cox, and Koop 1974; Reese and Sullivan 1980).

G. pipes) or H-piles the effective tip area may be as little as the material area of the pile or may be as much as the gross section area. Chapter 2 Single Axially Loaded Pile Analysis 23 Synthesis of q-w Curves for Piles in Sand Under Compressive Loading Mosher (1984) Mosher (1984) expanded the work of Coyle and Castello (1981) to determine the q-w relationship for piles in sand. Mosher proposed the exponential q-w curve shown in Figure 16. Values of ultimate unit tip reaction qmax are given as a function of relative depth (L/2R) in Figure 17.

Representative values of Es are given in Table 7. 8 by O’Neill and Gazioglu; Es = soil modulus from Table 7 for the depth of interest; and all length units are in inches. 00 where zcr = Lc/4, indicating a transition from wedge type failure to flow failure at a depth equal to one fourth the critical length which, unlike the previous methods, reflects the relative pile/soil stiffness. 5. The second linear section of the curves terminates at ' % & (81) and the cyclic curve at ' (82) where Fs and Fc are given in Table 8.

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