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Each global process seems to require specific indicators and specific research and data collection – making data collection a huge task. The group proposed that a set of core indicators for indigenous peoples should be developed and brought into other monitoring processes. They also recommended the disaggregation of data by gender and ethnicity under the MDG framework. The participants noted the importance of indicators on the protection of rights to land and resources for measuring poverty among indigenous peoples (MDG Goal 1) and the importance of indicators developed for food security for measuring freedom from hunger (MDG Goal 2).

At the Second Global Consultation on the Right to Food and Food Security for Indigenous Peoples, in Bilwi, Puerto Cabezas, Región Autónoma del Atlántico Norte, Nicaragua on September 7-9, 2006, a set of cultural indicators of food security were finalized. They addressed eight general issues as well as resiliency, adaptation to change and transmission of traditional knowledge. The discussion following the thematic report on the right to food and food security highlighted the importance of using natural indicators: flight of birds, the time that the birds fly, how high a fish can jump can indicate whether there will be flooding or drought.

Or is it a combination? It was clarified that anyone could use the indicators, although there was an immediate need to formulate indicators for the Convention on Biological Diversity. For the CBD, the focus is to develop indicators on traditional knowledge to protect plants and animals. Without indicators, it will be impossible to tell if policies and programmes to maintain traditional knowledge are working, and how to adjust them if they are not working. Several participants said that indicators were a double-edged sword: statistics and indicators are a tool; the question is, who is using it?

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