New PDF release: Electrode Kinetics for Chemists, Chemical Engineers and

By Eliezer Gileadi

ISBN-10: 0471188581

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Delivering a radical clarification of electrode kinetics, this textbook emphasizes actual phenomena-rather than mathematical formalism-and elucidates the underlying rules of different experimental innovations. Assuming an straight forward wisdom of thermodynamics and chemical kinetics and minimum mathematical abilities, assurance explores the arguments of 2 fundamental colleges of notion: electrode kinetics and interfacial electrochemistry considered as a department of actual chemistry, and from the viewpoint of analytical chemistry.

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It is mainly due to modern movement in the philosophy of science (Hanson, 1958; Feyerabend, 1958b, 1970a-c; Kuhn, 1962) that many scientists again acknowledge that "facts" are not inescapable basic data of existence but always dependent of the observer, his culture, theories and otdeJc. :twtae. h have. >ight Of!. veJc. e. xpUcU manneJc.. Thue. , Me. aUl>e. aUl>e. ic. aUl>e. e. > preconceptions. 310). Since facts are partly created by the theories we hold, every child and every scientist requires a long time to "see" the facts.

EIL flwnen. Vle 'bu:tla. mag, well. l6 'demen:tla. hnen flaM. h. 6 -iA:t. h zu nehmen. " (Picht, 1976). Adopting Picht's definition of rationality, we have to admit that, starting with Galileo, science has become more and more irrational. Science has a moral content but we scientists lost the sense of moral responsibility for our activities. Pure scientists cannot escape the problem of responsibility; at least they are guilty of not seeing that there is no sharp dichotomy between pure science and technology.

At this time the theoretical and experimental results were considered as definitely inconsistent. This discrepancy gave rise to a furious theoretical activity, all kinds of feasible and almost impossible effects were considered, without changing the discrepancy. The situation was serious since the Helium atom (which has the same type of interactions as H2) was in perfect agreement with the theory. Quantum mechanics was falsified, nobody was happy but probably not one of the experts troubled his head about rejecting quantum mechanics!

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