Early Civilizations in the Americas: Almanac by Sonia G. Benson PDF

By Sonia G. Benson

ISBN-10: 0787692522

ISBN-13: 9780787692520

During this three-volume set, the key civilizations from 2,500 B.C.F to 1600 A.D. are tested and in comparison by means of exploring the key themes, occasions, humans and first resource records on the topic of the interval. subject matters lined contain Kennewick guy, dialogue of the Amerind languages, Early South American (Andean) civilizations, the lately excavated urban of Caral, the Tiahuanaco and Huari peoples, the Olmec of Mexico, the Zapotec and Vera Cruz civilizations, Mississippian tradition and lots more and plenty extra.

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The Art Archive/Archaeological Museum Lima/Mireille Vautier. viving quipus as they could find. They cataloged the size, colors, shapes, and knot types of each quipu in “databooks” and then published their findings, hoping that if enough people had access to all available quipu constructions, perhaps someone would crack the code. To date, the Aschers have described more than two hundred quipus and made their descriptions available to the public on the Internet. Though no one has yet cracked the code, the Aschers’s work has stimulated new interest in quipus.

Pachacutec set up an efficient network of governors and administrators throughout the empire—guided by the Inca nobility but run by the local leaders—so that his vision could be carried out to the smallest detail even in the most remote regions. One of the principal instruments of organization he used was the quipu, a counting and record-keeping device invented and used by prior Andean cultures. The quipu (pronounced KEE-poo) consisted of a rope with many knotted cords attached to it; the knots signified the items being counted.

Pachacutec ordered the building or rebuilding of roads and bridges, creating a highly efficient network for transportation and communication within the vast empire. He created a legal system that assigned specific punishments for crimes; he also introduced new laws that regulated the way people in the empire lived. Pachacutec’s laws dictated how clean Inca homes had to be, when children should begin to work, and how unwanted children would be cared for. Pachacutec created thousands of official positions for police agents and inspectors to make sure the people of the empire were living by his rules.

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