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Инструкции по проведению учений и тренировок для береговой артиллерии США.

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A gun pointer is assigned to each gun and mortar in commission and is responsible for the condition and adjustment of the sight and sight standard or the quadrant. At mortar batteries he is also responsible for the condition of the piece, and superintends the drill of the detachment. 336. One mechanic, or acting mechanic, is assigned, under the gun commander, to each 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch gun emplacement, to each mortar emplacement, and to each battery of the smaller armament in commission.

345. At the command STAND FAST, the cannoneers halt until the previous command is repeated. a mistake the command the error pointed out. When one number makes FAST should be given and STAND A drill primer or a fired standard primer is used always 346. at drill. 347. Primers are inserted while the breech is fully open. 348. Service primers are adjusted in manufacture to require a pull of about 25 pounds to start the wire to the rear, and about 40 to 45 pounds to pull the teeth through the com- pressed friction pellet and explode it.

No. 1 procures a wiper or cotton waste and a can containing synovial oil and a sponge. He places the can convenient tol;he breech, and takes post one yard to the rear and right of the breech Nos. 1 and 2 remove the breech cover and place it at the designated place. No. 1 examines the breech mechanism, breechblock, breech recess, chamber, and facing needs sponging he calls for the sponge and sponges, asby Nos. 2, 3 and 4. No. 2 examines the breech recess and gas-check seat, officer or private). Breech detail, Nos.

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