Drawing Morals: Essays in Ethical Theory by Thomas Hurka PDF

By Thomas Hurka

ISBN-10: 0199743096

ISBN-13: 9780199743094

This quantity includes chosen essays in ethical and political philosophy through Thomas Hurka. The essays handle a large choice of issues, from the well-rounded lifestyles and the worth of taking part in video games to proportionality in conflict and the ethics of nationalism. additionally they proportion a typical goal: to light up the dazzling richness and subtlety of our daily ethical proposal by way of revealing its underlying constitution, which they typically do through representing that constitution on graphs. extra particularly, the essays all provide what the 1st within the quantity calls "structural" as opposed to "foundational" analyses of ethical perspectives. Eschewing the grander ambition of grounding our principles approximately, say, advantage or wasteland in claims that use diverse ideas and main issue another, allegedly extra primary subject, they research those rules of their personal correct and with shut realization to their info. in addition to illuminating their person issues, the essays illustrate the insights this structural process can yield.

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If we think we ought to reject this wager, as I think many of us will, we should hold it against VI that, like the average and total principles, it tells us to accept it. The principle V2, however, tells us to reject the wager. Whatever the differences between V1 and V2, they are less important than the fact that they both capture the variable value view, and both avoid many of the unattractive consequences of the average and total principles. However, V1 and V2 are open to at least two objections that are worthy of examination.

And this is not the right ultimate reason, which concerns how my action will affect the other’s life: my fundamental reason to help him is to help him. In a trivial sense morality has to concern me, since it has to tell me how to act. But it does not follow that the ground of its requirements must always be located in me, and views that place it always there are in that respect distortions. This is reflected in the fact that people who were motivated by what these views say are their ultimate reasons—people whose ultimate motive for helping another was to promote their own flourishing or to live up to their own practical identity—would be acting in an objectionably narcissistic way.

5 Common though it is, this lexicographic approach is too extreme to be plausible. Each Aristotelian perfection has independent attraction, and none deserves to be placed so far above or below the others. Physical perfection seems to me less important than the two rational excellences. I have no special argument for this, but the development of our bodily powers seems to have less value than the exercise of our distinctive rationality. So it should count for less. But to make any increase in rationality, no matter how trivial, outweigh the greatest athletic achievements is to go too far.

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