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17 These examples demonstrate that when countries make claims for EEZs around small uninhabited island features they are frequently challenged by their neighbors. Dokdo has stark physical beauty, military personnel have been stationed on it for the past several decades, and fishing families occasionally take up temporary residence on it. But its two main islets and smaller outcroppings remain essentially barren, rocky, and uninhabitable. The distinguished Korean 15 16 17 Faraj Abdullah Ahnish, The International Law of Maritime Boundaries and the Practice of States in the Mediterranean Sea (1993).

Rim L. S. National Archives). Lee’s findings are incorporated into Van Dyke’s analysis. See Van Dyke, supra note 1, at 182–85. 18 Harry N. Scheiber Had Korea’s Dokdo claim been brought into the complex multinational preparatory treaty negotiations being orchestrated by John Foster Dulles, it might have given Mr. Yoshida’s government serious difficulty with public opinion and with the Diet, a more general concern that worried Dulles greatly. Presumably Dulles would also have balked at introducing any issue, such as this, however small in scope, that could cause disagreement among the Allied governments and thereby interfere with America’s primary objective.

26 The theme of humanitarianism was also voiced in other contexts. For example, with regard to demands for industrial plant transfer and other reparations, Mr. Dulles declared in a widely disseminated speech delivered in 1951: “Reparations were unthinkable . . 27 And so we see that a moral perspective, manifested in the Occupation policies and the underlying purposes of the Peace Treaty, not only in American leaders’ rhetoric, worked in those days to the enormous advantage of Japan. On this last point, it is revealing to consider the report to his government in 1951 by a distinguished British diplomat, Alvary Gasgoigne, after a long private meeting with Prime Minister Yoshida.

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