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Half A - Nkrumah and his fast Successors, 1960-72 1. creation 2. improvement, Disequilibrium and kingdom Interventionism three. the industrial suggestions of Nkrumah and his Successors four. household monetary functionality within the Sixties five. exterior functionality: The foreign currency echange Constraint and its motives 6. making plans, Saving and monetary administration 7. Modernization with out progress eight. The Unbalanced development of Agriculture and nine. The country as Entrepreneur 10. The kingdom as Controller eleven. After Nkrumah: Interpretations of guidelines, 1966-72 12. classes half B - The checklist due to the fact 1972 thirteen. From Implosion to growth, 1972-2008 14. Structural switch 1970-2008 15. Forces for switch 1983-2008

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15 For fuller presentations of this view see Caldwell, 1967, chapter IV, and the NLC’s Population Planning for National Progress and Prosperity, 1969. 16 Seven-year Plan, chapter 1. 17 See Killick, 1966, pp. 147–50. 18 However, chapter 7 below shows that a remarkable expansion did occur in the output of the educational system during the course of the sixties. 19 Source references for the following paragraphs are Wills, 1962 and Killick, 1966, chapters 9–11 and 15. 4 of Caldwell, p. 108, which shows large areas with densities below 20 per square mile.

Those less confident of their knowledge in this area will find themselves confronted with a text which, though non-technical in its presentation, seeks to condense a large body of writing. The reader who finds himself on unfamiliar ground is therefore urged to follow up the source references provided in the footnotes, for in the originals he will find the full development of the ideas, and the qualifications with which they were surrounded, to which a brief survey of this kind cannot do justice. Mainstream development economics is referred to in the past tense.

Comparative enrolment ratios in primary and secondary education for thirteen West African states, relating to the late fifties, showed Ghana’s primary school rates to be double those of the next highest-ranking country and three times the unweighted mean for the other countries. 8 The educational system, the supply of skilled labour and the efficiency of the public service were all believed to be relatively well developed by the late fifties. Expansion of state intervention and participation in the economy thus stood a better chance of success in Ghana than in most other African states.

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