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A. , hep-ex/0606004, submitted to Eur. Phys. J. C . 7. , A. , hep-ex/0604022 , submitted to Eur. Phys. J . C. CTheresults shown here have been updated with respect to those shown at DIS'OG, to include the full e - p data. HIGHLIGHTS FROM ZEUS M. uk Highlights from the ZEUS experiment at HERA as of the DISOG conference in April are shown. New results focus on measurements from the HERA I1 running period of inclusive DIS at high momentum transfer using polarised leptons and on their impact in combined QCD and electroweak fits.

In addition to these total cross section measurements, differential cross sections as a function of Q2 are seen to be well described by the SM expectation. At high Q 2 , effects of the lepton beam polarisation are also visible in Neutral Current (NC) DIS scattering. These enter mainly via y - 2 interference, leading to an enhanced cross section for right-handed (left-handed) positrons (electrons) in e + p ( e - p ) scattering, and decreasing the cross sec*Work partially supported by DESY. 3 4 Neutral Current * H1 03-04 e’p (prel ) Charged Current e’p Scanering 0 +.

There is a good agreement between data and MC. However, this does not prove the existence of exclusive events since the POMWIG prediction shows large uncertainties (the gluon in the pomeron used in POMWIG is not the latest one shown a t this workshop and the uncertainty a t high p is quite large 12). In addition, it is not obvious one can use the gluon density measured at HERA a t the Tevatron since factorisation is not true, or in other words, this assumes that the survival probability is a constant, not depending on the kinematics of the interaction.

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