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By Fernando Bueno

ISBN-10: 0761559876

ISBN-13: 9780761559870

Walkthrough: wide step by step walkthrough for all 12 levels.
Maps: certain maps pinpointing attractions and gear pickups.
•Tactics: discover ways to grasp your trade powers like Kinesis and Stasis, in addition to the strengths and weaknesses of all enemies and guns and the way you could make the most them.
Achievements and Trophies: entire checklist of all Xbox 360 Achievements and PlayStation three Trophies!

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Hop back down onto the exit platform, then leave the room the way you came. TIP Aim your weapon at the metal flooring just in front of the door below you and launch yourself at it. TIP There are a few storage crates floating around. Use kinesis to bring them in and place them on the ground to open them. There are several explosive canisters floating around in the large room. If you’re running low on ammo or just want to conserve ammo for a later fight, pull the canisters toward you with your kinesis, then fire them at foes as they approach.

Look for it high on the walls or behind you. With its speed, it can pounce on you and knock you to the ground before you know it. If you catch a glimpse of it, slow it immediately and cut it to pieces. If it pounces on you, shake it off by rapidly pressing the onscreen prompts, jump to your feet, and blast away at its arms. Backtrack to the main room and use your kinetic ability to grab the small blue power cell lying on the ground. Maneuver the floating power cell into the small niche on the far wall to power the lift in the corner, then ride the lift to the second level.

Exit the elevator into the maintenance bay and crush the green-light crate on the floor to find something useful. As you do, a creature will rush you from the left catwalk. Turn on it and open fire! Aim low to take out its legs before it reaches you, then finish it off before another monster attacks you from behind and to the right. com d e sh a e nl U Exit the elevator onto the second-level catwalks and open the wall container on the left. Bust open the crate on the right and take what’s inside, then slowly approach the “fallen” monster on the catwalk directly in front of the elevator exit.

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