Neil Mcmahon's Dead Silver: A Novel PDF

By Neil Mcmahon

ISBN-10: 0061340766

ISBN-13: 9780061340765

ISBN-10: 0061647020

ISBN-13: 9780061647024

After a twenty-year absence Renee Callister is again in Helena, Montana, to bury her estranged father. John Callister was once a neighborhood pariah believed to have had a hand in his wife's homicide while she was once protesting the outlet of a debatable silver mine. however the discovery of anxious pictures and one silver earring in her father's house is inflicting Renee to reexamine her stepmother's loss of life in a surprising new light—and sending her to Hugh Davoren for aid. A California expatriate, Hugh Davoren makes his residing lower than Montana's colossal Sky, operating as a chippie together with his Blackfoot good friend Madbird—and he is continually there for a pal. however the fact Renee Callister seeks is buried in darkish and hazardous locations, and Davoren's going to make a few strong, unforgiving enemies while he digs too deep.

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If you left any jewelry where they could get at it, you could kiss it good-bye. DEAD SILVER 39 Their peculiarities also included a fondness for flowers. They’d strip gardens of them, not to eat, but to decorate their turf—touching, considering that otherwise, they were about as destructive and filthy as creatures could get. They’d sure proved that here. The Skilsaw’s shriek died off as Madbird finished his cut and released the trigger. When the blade stopped spinning, he jerked the saw out of its kerf and laid it on the floor.

Of course you have, hon,” Evvie said, stepping to her and giving her arm a comforting pat. “Has anybody else looked at the place? ” Renee shook her head. ” DEAD SILVER 49 “Good. A little word of advice—don’t talk to a soul until the rat mess is all taken care of. ” Evvie winked slyly. Renee looked doubtful. “Really? ” “It’s like a lot of other things—there’s wiggle room. ” Right off the top, it would matter because cleaning out the pack rats’ digs wasn’t going to get rid of them. As long as Madbird and I were working in the carriage house, they’d hole up in their outside dens, but they’d be back as soon as we left.

Then what were they doing in his study? One far-fetched possibility was that they comprised evidence relating to the real murderer’s identity, and for some reason he’d held off revealing it—then had been incapacitated by his strokes. Another scenario that occurred to me was even less likely but more disturbing. I didn’t mention it to Renee. Sex killers often kept souvenirs, usually objects with some intimate connection to the victim. They would handle these or otherwise use them to heighten their pleasure in reliving the crimes.

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