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By Ion Grumeza

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This booklet tells the little recognized tale of Dacia, the strong and wealthy land that grew to become Transylvania and Romania. This ebook revives the Dacian background and contributes to our knowing of the quarter because it is this present day.

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Declaring himself to be content with his “conquests,” the emperor returned with the rest of his “victorious” troops to Persia. Because no Persian troops The Ancient World Surrounding Dacia 25 were stationed north of the Danube, Dacia and her people remained free. The military power of the Scythians stayed unchallenged. Still, they did not raid the western territories of Dacia. A hundred years later, many Thracian tribes were united by King Teres of the Odrysses kingdom, an ally of Athens. But other “Thracian” tribes refused Athenian patronage, choosing instead to ally themselves with the Getians who dominated the Lower Danube territories.

Transylvania continued to be the hearth of Dacia as the latter extended its boundaries in all four directions and became a large kingdom in its own right. Its tribal people united under a flag bearing the image of a wolf-dragon. To understand the history of Dacia, however, one needs to first become acquainted with the tribes, nations, and empires that once populated the Balkan Peninsula and lands between what are today the Vistula, Vltava, Danube, and Bug rivers, and beyond. 1 is a simple one that places the Persians east of the Caspian Sea, the Sarmatian tribes between the Caspian and the Sea of Azov, and the Scythians above them to the west.

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