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By Sam B. Treiman, Roman Jackiw

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Present algebra is still our such a lot profitable research of basic particle interactions. This choice of surveys on present algebra and anomalies is a successor quantity to Lectures On present Algebra And Its functions. because the conception is to a wide quantity version self sufficient, prior effects have retained their validity, whereas quantum chromodynamics and the electro-weak unification offer a dynamical foundation.

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Given two QFTs X and Y, are they in the same component? If so, is the path between them "finite length" or "infinite length" ? • How "big" is theory space? Can we show that the number of QFTs satisfying some conditions is finite, and estimate the number? • How many parameters (or measurements) do we need to characterize a QFT? At weak coupling, we can answer this, but more generally? These are analogous to mathematical questions about manifolds which can be answered. Indeed, there has been a lot of progress in this type of mathematics, namely the theory of spaces of Riemannian manifolds, and Ricci flow.

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