Cross, Crescent and Conversion: Studies on Medieval Spain - download pdf or read online

By Simon Barton, Fellow and Tutor Peter Linehan

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This quantity is meant as a commemoration of the profession of Richard Fletcher and his extraordinary contribution to our realizing of the medieval international. The seventeen papers incorporated the following, written via the various best students of this era, replicate the 3 major parts of Fletcher's scholarly endeavours: Church and society in medieval Spain; Christian-Muslim kin, either within the Iberian peninsula and extra afield; and, the historical past of the post-Roman global, with specific connection with the conversion of Europe. The participants comprise: James Campbell, Roger Collins, Judith McClure, Edward James, Roger Wright, Ann Christys, Bernard F. Reilly, Christopher Tyerman, Simon Barton, John Williams, James D'Emilio, Emma Falque, Peter Linehan, Peter Biller, Ian Michael, Esther Pascua, John Edwards, and, Ian wooden.

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111–51. See also J. M. Wallace-Hadrill, Bede. A Historical Commentary, p. 159; idem, “Gregory of Tours and Bede: Their Views on the Personal Qualities of Kings,” Frühmittelalterliche Studien 2 (1968), 31–44, especially p. 44. 37 Wood, “Augustine and Gaul,” p. 75 suggests this. Diplomatic letters of commiseration are, however, rare in papal correspondence, and may have been thought more suitably reserved for those with whom a close relationship of amicitia had been established. 38 Gregory, Registrum 6, letter 55 (1:430).

Bertram Colgrave and R. A. B. Mynors, Bede: Ecclesiastical History of the English People (revised edition Oxford, 1991), pp. 2–5. 8, pp. 474–5. 8 Ibid. 19, pp. 200–3. 17, pp. 384–7. 20 roger collins and judith mcclure performed and churches consecrated, together with brief accounts of the origins of each holder of the archiepiscopal seat is very reminiscent of papal historiography. So, it could at least be speculated that the history Albinus and others in Canterbury hoped Bede would provide for them was something like their own version of the Liber Pontificalis, the markedly factual pontificate by pontificate house history of the bishops of Rome.

While it is important to make sense of the letters sent to the Frankish rulers and churchmen, it is possible to exaggerate the importance of the role of the Franks in the early stages of the conversion of the Anglo-Saxons. , 11, letter 41, 2:314–15. , 11, letter 51, 2:323–4. Wood, “Mission of Augustine,” p. 7. 52 As for Bede’s knowledge of Frankish participation, it has to be said that he could only have been aware of it, in so far as it existed, if he had copies of Gregory’s letters to the Frankish rulers and bishops in 596 and 601.

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Cross, Crescent and Conversion: Studies on Medieval Spain and Christendom in Memory of Richard Fletcher by Simon Barton, Fellow and Tutor Peter Linehan

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