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Книга посвящена оформлению дома в стиле кантри с использованием техники лоскутного шитья. Замечательные идеи в ракурсе: всё прекрасное и практичное из лоскутков!!! Скатерти, панно на стену, одеяла, наволочки для подушек, аппликация на джинсовой одежде… Даны схемы основных блоков и их частей для создания таких же уютных шедевров, но уже своими руками.

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Attempted coup against Aliyev (October). 1995 Another coup attempt in March. Parliamentary elections in November won by the Aliyev party. New constitution is accepted in the referendum. 1997 First transport of oil through the pipeline to Novorossiysk, November. Elchibey returns to Baku from exile. 1998 Aliyev reelected as president. Page xvi Page 1 Introduction Land and People The land of Azerbaijan and its people are divided into two parts. One, extending north of the Araxes River in the geographical region of Transcaucasia, is today an independent state.

Collins.  31) Includes bibliographical references.  Series. 48-1984. Manufactured in the United States of America. Page vii Contents Editor's Foreword Jon Woronoff vii Preface ix Chronology xi Map xiv Introduction 1 The Dictionary 11 Bibliography 137 About the Author 145 Page ix Editor's Foreword For most of its history, Azerbaijan has been part of somebody else's empire. Most recently and emphatically, it was part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. It has also been dominated by the Medes, the Persians, and Alexander the Great and later Iran, the Arabs, and the Turks.

As Akinchi was designed to reach the Azeri peasant, it contained much material on agriculture and was written in a simple style with few Persian or Arabic words. Since the paper was rejected by the Shi'ite scholars and inaccessible to the mostly illiterate peasantry, Akinchi became a forum for the emerging Azeri intelligentsia. The newspaper was friendly toward Turkey, mildly critical of Iran, and inclined toward secularism. Among the Azeri intelligentsia, it had a considerable impact on the development of social, political, and artistic thought.

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