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With a distinct step by step procedure and real-life business-based examples all through, modern arithmetic FOR company AND shoppers, 5th version, is designed to aid scholars triumph over math nervousness and optimistically grasp key mathematical suggestions and their useful company purposes. The textual content is designed to enable scholars development one subject at a time, with out being intimidated or crushed. every one bankruptcy beneficial properties quite a few routines, together with Excel spreadsheet difficulties, real-life enterprise eventualities, and precise calculator sequences, to supply rapid perform to augment studying and hone crucial talents. The MathCue CD-ROM, incorporated with every one new textual content, is specific tutorial-practice software program that provides scholars an additional area by way of supplying an unending offer of perform difficulties keyed to every functionality target within the textual content.

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30 72 b. ____ a. ___ 148 55 © Nick Ut/Associated Press CHECK YOUR ANSWERS WITH THE SOLUTIONS ON PAGE 61. When buying gas, the price per gallon is frequently quoted as a fraction. ” b. Reducing Fractions by the Greatest Common Divisor Method The best method for reducing a fraction to lowest terms is to divide the numerator and the denominator by the greatest common divisor, because this accomplishes the task in one step. When the greatest common divisor is not obvious to you, use the following steps to determine it: STEPS FOR DETERMINING THE GREATEST COMMON DIVISOR OF A FRACTION Step 1.

If the sum of the digits is divisible by 9. If the last digit is 0. EXAMPLE 4 REDUCING FRACTIONS TO LOWEST TERMS USING INSPECTION 48 Use observation and the rules of divisibility to reduce __ to lowest terms. 54 SOLUTION STRATEGY 48 ϭ ______ 48 Ϭ 2 ϭ __ 24 __ 54 54 Ϭ 2 27 Because the last digit of the numerator is 8 and the last digit of the denominator is 4, they are both divisible by 2. © Alistair Berg/Digital Vision/Getty Images RULES OF DIVISIBILITY Construction workers must accurately measure and calculate various lengths of building materials by using fractions.

Inspection and the rules of divisibility (p. 37) b. the greatest common divisor method (p. 38) 2-5: Raising fractions to higher terms (p. 39) 2-8: Subtracting fractions and mixed numbers (p. 45) Section III Multiplication and Division of Fractions 2-9: Multiplying fractions and mixed numbers (p. 51) 2-10: Dividing fractions and mixed numbers (p. 53) Chapter 2 Fractions 34 2 SE CTI ON I fractions A mathematical way of expressing a part of a whole thing. For example, __14 is a fraction expressing one part out of a total of four parts.

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Contemporary Mathematics for Business and Consumers, 5th Edition (with Student Resource CD with MathCue.Business) by Robert Brechner

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