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By D.E. Barnes, R. Batchelor, A.G. Maddock, J.A. Smedley, Denis Taylor

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Aluminium is, practically speaking, ex- clusively trivalent in its compounds. The oxide A1203, melting point 2030° C, is the only aluminium compound of considerable importance in nuclear technology. It is re- fractory, and when fused or sintered chemi- cally most inert. It has considerable poten- tialities for use in high-temperature reactors. It is also valuable for the construction of crucibles, and as an abrasive. The oxide is further known as corundum. Less pure varie- ties are known as alundum and emery powder.

This is the case for the hydrogen atom, which con- tains only one electron. Here the function ifi, when written out, contains three para- meters «, / and m, and the different states are obtained by substituting the different possible values for n, I and m. The para- meters may be any positive integer. Once has been fixed, / may take any positive integer value between and including n — 1 and zero. Once / has been fixed, m may take any of the values /, / — I, / - 2, . . 0 . . — (/ — 1), — /.

In the physical system, the most abundant isotope of oxygen is taken as mass 16-000 and the masses of atoms of the other elements are related to this value. The chemical system takes natur- ally occurring oxygen as mass 16-000. The small amount of isotopes other than the most abundant present in natural oxygen (0-24 per cent) provides the slight difference between the two systems. u. u. = 1-6598 x I0-" g. D. R. S. ATOMIC NUMBER. Originally the atomic number was simply the ordinal number of the chemical elements when they were arranged in order of increasing atomic weight, but successive discoveries in chemistry and physics have increased its significance until it has become a fundamental quantity underlying almost all the physical and chemical properties of matter.

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