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By E. Clementi

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1. 1 assertion OF the matter Quantum chemistry judged now not from the ubiquitous hazard of unex­ pected advancements yet at the foundation of the achievements within the final fifty years, is predominantly restricted to makes an attempt to resolve for the power and expectation values of wave features representing, within the restrict, a precise strategy to the Schroedinger equation. as a result of recognized dif­ ficulties in procedure with greater than approximately 50 electrons, the followed ap­ proximations are regularly fairly crude. As examples of quantum chemical approximations we point out the whole or partial neglects of electron correlation, the overlook of relativistic results, using subminimal foundation units, the nonetheless current forget of inner-core electrons in semi-empirical equipment, the reputation of the Born-Oppenheimer approximations, and so forth. generally, the bigger the process, when it comes to the variety of electrons, the cruder the approxima­ tion. In a manner, the current prestige of quantum chemistry may well seem as approximately paradoxical. certainly, for small platforms, the place very exact ex­ periments are usually on hand, and hence, there isn't a superb have to receive (from quantum chemistry) predictions of latest facts yet relatively ,a theoretical interpretation of the present info, we discover increasi~gly strong and trustworthy quantum chemical tools and techniques.

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In this way the intramolecular nonbonded interaction is distributed on the bonds, and, with a minimum of care, one can ensure that the nonbonded interaction of a functional group is distributed on the bonds of the functional group. This new representation is called BAP representation, "bonded atom pairs". Let us consider more formally the algorithm needed to pass from the BEA representation to the BAP representation. On the base of the threshold energy criterium, we know that for our m atoms systems, only NB bonds are present among the m(m-l)/2 possible connections.

Gross Charqes and Hybridization r----- __________ --, IOrbital CH.. en:]p CH a P 2 CRP:] CP.. :!. 3~ the MOVS can be more stable than the separated atom in the ground state for the case of strongly electronegative atoms like fluorine when in an appropriate environment. u. The energy difference between MOVS energy and the ground state for the separated atom provides the basis parameter to define an electronegativity scale atoms in molecules. 7 BOND ENERGY ANALYSIS: A "NEW" FORMALISM In the two previous sections, we have decomposed the total energy of a system using the bond energy analysis as presented in the early stages of its development.

Each step is associated with an energy variation distribution, yielding either energy barriers or energy minima. Let us consider the internal energy (enthalpy). By neglecting the static reaction field components, the energy barriers generally are much too high for the energy available in the system; inclusion of the field lowers the barriers to energies of the order of KT, namely transform the reaction from an impossible one to a possible one, even if not necessarily too probable. Let us consider the free energy of the system, by adding TAS.

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