Chaos and Fractals (International Congress) by Clifford A. Pickover (Editor) PDF

By Clifford A. Pickover (Editor)

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35 MONOMER FRACTION MONOMER FRACTION Fig. 2. Effect offcpon basin of attraction for steady state. 6. 019. 0. Fig. 3. Convergence time to steady state in uncontrolled system. 38 H. Qammar and A. Venkatesan Table 2. M-file for displaying convergence linearities from the system defined by Eqs (l)-(6)- In times using MATLAB this paper we view Ac as a measure of how much we clear are changing the underlying dynamical system. dat') Figure 2 shows the basin of attraction for the a=fscanf (nn, '%g %g %g%g', [4,inf ] ) ; stable steady state for four values of Ac.

We designed a simple proportional feedback controller (Eq. 7) which measures the error between the actual reactor temperature, y, and the desired temperature, y*, and manipulates the temperature of the feed, yr. yr=yr + Kc{y- • / ) • (V) The value for the controller parameter, Ac, also called the proportional gain, can be chosen to optimize the controller performance. When Kc is non-zero we have a new dynamical system with the same state-space dimension but different non- 100 Fig. 1. Co-existing chaotic attractor and stable steady state for system of Eqs (l)-(6).

Bot. 66, 1308-1315 (1988). 10. A. Athanasiadis , Evolutionary biogeograph y of the North Atlantic Antithamnioid algae. In D. J. Garbary and G. R. ) Evolutionary Biogeography of the Marine Algae ofthe North Atlantic, Springer-Verlag, Berlin (1990). 11. A. Athanasiadis , A comparative study of Antithamnion tenuissimum and three varieties of ^. cruciatum, including var. scandinavicum var. nov. (Rhodophyceae) . Nord. J. 5o/. 6, 703-709(1986) . A. V. All rights reserved 23 Chaos and Graphics GENERATING FRACTALS FROM VORONOI DIAGRAMS KEN SHIRRIFF Computer Science Division, 571 Evans Hall, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720 Abstract—This paper describe s how to generat e fractal patterns by recursively creating Voronoi diagrams on a set of points.

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