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You may need to leave the bus completely in order to check the tyres or the lights. You may even choose to take the train. When you recognise that you have response-ability, that you can choose your response to any stimulus, you can free yourself from the world of 'rules' and restrictions that you have created for yourself. Summary • NLP is fundamentally different to other fields of human study. • Our experience of the world is restricted by the limitations of our senses and the boundaries created by our comparative and classifying, linguistic thought processes (our map).

A good example would be Milton Erickson or a model that Dr John Grinder has recently been working with Monty Roberts 'the horse whisperer' . We have two options in gaining insight into this: 1. We can observe the model and guess what about their behaviour may have a cause/effect relationship with the observable results we are seeing. We can then conduct further observation and set up experiments in an attempt to prove statistically whether that specific behaviour is significant or not. (In creating laboratory experiments we may be removing some of the conditions that are significant to the result).

Human behaviour is inexplicably subtle and sophisticated. NLP, as a process, captures more information than can be consciously collected through observation and reasoning as a detached observer; experimenting with one theory after another. Only by applying our perceptive abilities that are beyond reasoning, even beyond words, can we begin to gain some kind of awareness of what is really happening (rather than our opinion of what may be happening and what we can empirically 'prove'). By the way - does empirical proof make something right?

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