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I 0 3 4 ) Bring do� the 4. Use 34 as the new dividend and repeat the cycle. 2 6 sh 3 4 5 goes into 34 six times. 1 0 I 3 4 6 times 5 equals 30. Therefore, 134 �LQ � 4 + 5 = 4 26 5 . This is the remainder. 35 • OPERATIONS wrrn WHOLE NUMBERS AND DECIMALS • A division problem can be checked using the following formula: (DIVISOR x QUOTIENT) + REMAINDER = DIVIDEND For the previous problem we have (5 x 26) + 4 = 134 If the divisor or dividend is a decimal and the division is not exact (that is, there is a remainder), the result is usually written as a decimal with the rounding position identified.

3,790 Move the decimal point three places to the right. 01 mentally. 01 has two digits to the right of the decimal point. Therefore, the decimal point is moved two places to the right. 6 Notice that the two zeros to the left of 5 are dropped. 001 mentally. ANSWER : 320,000 EXERCISES In exercises 1 through 4, divide and express each result as a whole number or mixed number. l. 568 3. 73 + + 43 17 2. 54,200 + 40 4 . 1,520 + 40 In exercises 5 through 10, divide and round each quotient to the indicated position.

PRODUCT + MULTIPLIER = MULTIPIJCAND PRODUCT + MULTIPLICAND = MULTIPIJER 27 • • OPERATIONS WITH WHOLE NUMBERS AND DECIMALS If there is a zero in the multiplier, the partial product for zero times the multiplier can be omitted. 3 8 6 x 2 0 4 Make sure that after omitting the partial product for 0 x 386 <-------< you align the right­ hand digit of 772 under the hundreds place. 1 5 4 4 This partial product can be omitted. 0 0 0 0 7 7 2 7 7 2 7 8,7 4 4 7 8,7 4 4 If the numbers being multiplied are not whole numbers, it is not necessary to line up the decimal points as we did in addition and subtraction.

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