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Most of the program is in a loop. The loop generates a tone burst, then, after a wait of 1 second, two light sensors sample the light intensity. One of these is plugged into NXT input 3, and the other into input 4. Although they are actually read one after the other, the control circuits of the NXT operate so fast that we can consider that both sensors sample the light at the same time. Each sensor produces a True output when the intensity of the light falling on it is greater than 50. Their outputs go (by data wires) to a logic block that is set to perform the AND operation.

The sequence may be inserted temporarily at each stage in a complicated calculation, working through from beginning to end. Each stage is verified, after which the diagnostic sequence is deleted. If you have many calculations to check, first make the diagnostic sequence into a my block. 6 shows the icon for the my block, which we created for testing the calculations in our programs. It is called dispresult. 6 A useful my block that displays numeric results. 5. com 47 48 Chapter 5 • Switches and Other Topics Sound files and tones are handy for confirming that a program is running as intended.

This is used when we want to introduce a delay into a program. The loop will contain blocks to produce some kind of activity, usually something complicated. If it is only a simple activity, such as running a motor for 20 seconds, you do not use a loop; just set the motor block for 20. If you want to introduce a delay during which absolutely nothing happens, use a wait block. Counting the Loops If you set “count” as the loop control, the actions in the loop are repeated a set number of times. This is the equivalent of a “FOR … Next” loop in a program written in BASIC, or a “FOR… loop” written in Java.

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