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Explosive atmospheres. gear fix, overhaul and reclamation

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1 Enclosures General If minor damage to enclosures, terminal boxes and covers is to be repaired by welding or metal stitching, care shall be taken to ensure that the integrity of the equipment is not significantly impaired as to degrade the type of protection, in particular, that it remains capable of withstanding the impact test and maintains the degree of ingress protection. 2 Joints If damaged or corroded joint faces are to be machined, the mechanical strength and operation of the component shall not be impaired nor the degree of ingress protection affected.

NOTE aides. 1 Testing after repair of windings General After complete or partial repair, windings shall be subjected, with the equipment assembled, to the following tests so far as is reasonably practicable. a) The resistance of each winding shall be measured at room temperature and verified. Replacement winding resistance should not differ from the original winding resistance by more than 5 %. In the case of polyphase windings, the resistance of each phase or between line terminals shall be balanced.

Unbalance of less than 5 % of the middle value is acceptable. NOTE 2 W here this test is not reas onably practical other means of verification should be used. c.

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