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By Michael Lummis, Casey Lee

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BradyGames' Breath of fireside: Dragon area authentic procedure consultant positive factors an all-inclusive walkthrough to steer gamers in the course of the enitre video game and quarter maps that pinpoint all key goods. entire bestiary to aid avid gamers defeat each enemy. Top-notch boss strategies to make sure victory in every one conflict. Magic spells, online game secrets and techniques, and bonuses published!

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L ~soo;. I STEAL fresh M••I (1:41 1000;. sm. S••I (1:4) 11 10 _iii! Llooo;. I Horse Meat I " STEAL ---' 3 13-DIII 1000;. ke Up H••I Kit THE SECRETS OF BIOCORP After the intermissions end, continue down the hallway post the Telecorder and you'll find on unguarded Yellow Box and possibly some White Boxes as well. Then make your way into the series of central rooms that are full of coged enemies. You have nothing to worry about in the fi~t room, but beware of Hychees in the ceiling inthe second area.

THE COLONY CED FU cnON To find out what a person'sscore would be, odd up the values from the following tables and look on the final table to see whot D-Ratio they would earn. ts 3 Points 2 Points 1 Point oPoints Number of Saves 0 1 2 3 4-5 6-7 8-9 10-11 12-13 14-15 16+ 10 Points 9 Points 8 Points 7 Points 6 Points 5 Points 4 Points 3 Points 2 Points 1 Point oPoints Highest Floor Reached in Kokon Horay (the Bonus Dungeon) B50F B46F+ B41F+ B36F+ B31F+ 826F+ B21F+ BI6F+ B11F+ B6F+ B5F- 10 PoIBls 9 Points 8 Points 7 Points 6 Points 5 Points 4 Points 3 Points 2 Points 1 Point oPoints --------- Average Level Tlie average party level is GcIdecI to your totalscore Total Score (D·Ratio) 100Points 95+Points 90+Points 85+ Points 80+ Points 75+Points 70+Points 65+Points 60+Points 55+Points 50+Points 50- Points 174 1/8 1/16 1/32 1/64 1/128 1/256 1/512 1/1024 1/2048 1/4096 1/8192 BESTIARY The Extra Turn Rate is a percentage that reflects the number 01 random encounters that you begin (rather than being allacked by your enemies).

Jin huH as many HP as they currently hove. Therefore, don't bite off more than you con chew or you may find that they regenerate mclre damage thon your characters can innict. To sofe~ earn Xp, knock the Rafflesias to the brink of death before using any Magic. After defeating both enemies, the Treasure Key appears. Crass the east bridge and hang a left to get to the Hychee roam, where the Blue Chest awaits. It contains Roundsaber, a 30AP Spread anack for Ryu. THE CORPLAB 1 F TREASURE KEY There are twa Patroller enemies in the hallway south of the roam inwhich you fought the Rafflesias.

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