Bowie by Bowie, David; Critchley, Simon PDF

By Bowie, David; Critchley, Simon

ISBN-10: 1939293545

ISBN-13: 9781939293541

ISBN-10: 1939293553

ISBN-13: 9781939293558

A powerful and deceptively narrow e-book, within which no essay takes longer to learn than it can take to hear a David Bowie music, yet during which there's a cumulative feel of revelation as regards what makes Bowie detailed, and why it truly is that his paintings turns out to yield extra, the extra time you spend there. The publication is pleasant, hugely readable, with bits of Nietzsche, Ruskin, Roland Barthes and Deleuze emerging up like wisps of cloud in its humorous, relocating and passionate box of inquiry. -Rick Moody, Salon

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In a track like “Heathen (The Rays),” we get a seemingly simple and random accumulation of city images: Steel on the skyline Sky made of glass. Before shifting to a series of indeterminate statements: Waiting for someone Looking for something. Then questions are raised: Is there no reason? Have I stayed too long? And then, seemingly out of nowhere, we reach an explosive climax. Bowie implores, in his best vibrato, You say you’ll leave me, Before returning to images now infused with a sense of disappointment and loss: And when the sun is low And the rays high I can see it now I can feel it die.

We learned to live with illusion and learn from illusion rather than run away from it. To inhabit this space is also to live after the revolution, in the dis-illusion that follows a revolutionary sequence. For us, this was the fucked-up, disappointed solidarity of the early 1970s most powerfully expressed in “All the Young Dudes,” written by Bowie for Mott the Hoople. This song was like Kerouac’s On the Road for a beaten generation who knew they were going absolutely nowhere: My brother’s back at home with his Beatles and his Stones We never got it off on that revolution stuff … What a drag … too many snags.

He ties my life together like no one else I know. Sure, there are other memories and other stories that one might tell, and in my case this is complicated by the amnesia that followed a serious industrial accident when I was eighteen years old. I forgot a lot after my hand got stuck in a machine. But Bowie has been my sound track. My constant, clandestine companion. In good times and bad. Mine and his. What’s striking is that I don’t think I am alone in this view. There is a world of people for whom Bowie was the being who permitted a powerful emotional connection and freed them to become some other kind of self, something freer, more queer, more honest, more open, and more exciting.

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Bowie by Bowie, David; Critchley, Simon

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