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6. ____ blin kntenekw. 7. ____ dan kuKw gn. 8. ____ ameri Keren fertno gn. 9. Hajai feruKw. ___ mada yuKw gn. 10. Shaket ferti. __ meherseti. Answers to Exercise 1 1. naw 2. an. 3. ni 4. nri 5. yn 6. naw 7. ni or an 8. entn (ent'n). 9. Hni 1. naw Keren ferd`no gn. They will go to Keren 2. an genjuKun (genjuKwn). I slept 10. nri 3. Petros md (lunch) Qakw. ni ameri ferdo gn. Petros eats lunch. He will go tomorrow. 4. nri 5. yn sabiti. She praised blin kntnekwn. We study Blin 6. naw blin kntenekw.

What do you speak? an deshkli gabekun = I speak Tigringa. wra yrKun? What did you say? 2. Who: awni, awi (Singular); awrew (Plural) an net wanet awni duwiKunka? Who told you that I am here? awni gn Dehaili Blin mehersaKw? Who studies Blin in Dehai? awni gn president ErtriKw? Who is the president of Eritrea? awi = who ... that: Poem: awi duwiKunka ybabusi deleido Alem dekwro tekela dekwro wanu weleydo Who is the one that told you about my intentions? The world(life) seems everlasting although it passes very quickly awrew (plural) = who Dehaili geriw ketebew awrew gn?

A2. tebdiya ferekun = I am going to study (tebdna = to study). A3. kol ferekun = I am going home. A4. laKwl fereli = I am going nowhere. A5. an nil feraKwsi dwelika = I will not tell you where I am going. I live? where Question 7. kol awn ferto gn? = When are you going home? A1. amar = next year A2. amar dembera = The year after next year. A3. kol fereli = I will not go home. A4. kol ferdma yro? Do you think I will go home? A5. ashashaKud feriya gn = I will go soon. A6. enti ferdakak feriya gn = I wil go when you go.

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