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A distinct and accomplished presentation on sleek particle physics which shops the history wisdom at the tremendous open questions past the normal version, because the life of the Higgs-boson, or the character of darkish topic and darkish power.

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50) tan2 ???? − 1 One sees that the two equations in Eq. 48) automatically satisfy the vacuum stability and the symmetry-breaking conditions. 2 Coupling Strengths of MSSM Higgs As the SUSY relates the gauge sector to the Higgs sector, the coupling of the Higgs is uniquely determined once the SUSY parameters (tan ????, tan ????) are given. ???? is the mixing angle of neutral Higgs fields and is given by Eq. 63). 4 [4, 30] to illustrate the constraints imposed by the SUSY. Here, ????SM denotes the Higgs in the SM.

39c) The numbers in the third column indicate the values necessary to keep the Higgs mass within the phenomenological limit. 7 Radiative corrections due to the Standard Model. (a) Yukawa coupling with the top quark. (b) Gauge boson loop. (c) Higgs quartic self-interaction. 8 mass. ∴ Fine-tuning. 40) that is, the three large corrections have to conspire to give the small Higgs mass value of ∼ 100 GeV. 8). If one avoids the fine-tuning, then one has to limit the energy scale of the new physics below 1–2 TeV.

62) It is customary to denote the heavier one of the two mass eigenstates as H0 and the lighter one as h0 . 64) mA2 Thus, the supersymmetric structure of the theory has imposed very strong conditions on the Higgs spectrum. Out of six parameters that describe the MSSM Higgs sector (mh , mH , mA , mH± , ????, ????), only two parameters that can be taken as tan ???? and mA are free parameters at the tree level. The relations Eqs. 64) mean that at least one of the three neutral Higgs particles is lighter than Z.

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