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The beta-beam proposal for the iteration of electron neutrino beams used to be first proposed by means of Piero Zucchelli in 2002. the belief created rather a stir, tough the concept that extreme neutrino beams simply can be made from the decay of pions or muons in classical neutrino beams amenities or in destiny neutrino factories. the concept that at the beginning struggled to make an influence however the labor through many laptop physicists, phenomenologists and theoreticians over the past 5 years has gained the beta-beam a well-earned place as one of many frontrunners for a potential destiny international laboratory for top depth neutrino oscillation physics. this is often the 1st entire monograph at the beta-beam thought. The e-book describes either technical elements and experimental elements of the beta-beam, offering: scholars and scientists with an perception into the chances provided by way of beta-beams; facility designers with a place to begin for destiny experiences; and, coverage makers with a entire photograph of the bounds and probabilities provided by means of a beta-beam.

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Illustration courtesy of Elena Wildner at CERN. Fig. 13 For the beta-beam facility studied in [86] the length of the dipoles in the arcs have been chosen [107] so that the lost lithium ions (from decay of 6 He) are lost between the magnets and not in the magnets where they could damage or overheat the superconducting coils. Illustrations courtesy of Jacques Payet and Antoine Chance at CEA. matter interaction codes had to be used [110]. This work also demonstrates that the overall losses in a representative part of the arc are kept under the quench limit for classical superconducting dipoles but that at certain points in the superconducting coils the losses are likely to cause quenches.

Megaton-class water Cerenkov detectors are therefore ideal when charge identification is not required and have been chosen for T2HK, the SPL super beam, and the long-baseline wide-band beam experiment. Such a device could also be the ultimate tool for proton-decay searches and for the detection of atmospheric, solar, and supernovæneutrinos. ˇ Charged leptons are identified through the detection of Cerenkov light in photo-multiplier tubes (PMTs) distributed around the vessel. The feaˇ tures of the Cerenkov rings can be exploited for particle identification.

2 Accelerated Generated Neutrino Beams: Beta Beams Injection and acceleration in synchrotrons The semi-continuous beam from the linac is injected into the first synchrotron over a large number of turns. The combination of the chosen working point (Q) and a deliberate shift of the central beam orbit with dipolar magnets makes it possible to inject over 50–100 turns with only moderate losses (< 30%) [103](see Fig. 11). The radiofrequency cavities will be slowly ramped up once the injection process is completed forcing the beam into the potential walls (or RF buckets as accelerator physicists names them) and enabling the acceleration process to start.

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