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By Connie Willis

ISBN-10: 0553375628

ISBN-13: 9780553375626

Engaging in study into chaos thought in a near-future global, statistician Sandra Cochran makes an attempt to set up the way to expect American tendencies and enters a hilarious collaboration with monkey scientist Bennet Knud.

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It wasn't as good a name as ashes-of-roses, but names don't have to be enticing to be faddish. Witness flea, the winning color of 1776. And the hit of Louis XVI's court had been, I'm not kidding, puce. And not just plain puce. It had been so popular it'd come in a whole variety of appetizing shades: young puce, old puce, puce-belly, puce-thigh, and puce-with-milk-fever. I bought a three-foot-long piece of po-mo pink ribbon to take back to the lab, which meant the clerk had to get off the phone again.

One of the garage bands has a drummer who wears pedal pushers and braids onstage, and he looks like the ultimate in trendiness. And it wasn't his glasses. Look at Elton John. Look at Buddy Holly. It was something else, something that had been nagging at me all evening. Maybe I should go back down to Bio and ask him if I could study him. Maybe if I followed him around while he taught his monkeys to Hula Hoop or whatever it was he was going to do, I could figure out how he managed to be trend-free.

Replaced by QIS, MBO, JIT, and hot groups. Wednesday we had the all-staff meeting. I was nearly late to it. I'd been down in Supply, trying to wrestle a box of paper clips out of Desiderata, who didn't know where (or what) they were, and, as a result, every table in the cafeteria was filled when I got there. " I whispered to Gina. "Management is proving beyond a shadow of a doubt they don't have enough to do," she murmured back. "So they've invented a new acronym. " He printed a large capital I on a flipchart with a Magic Marker.

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