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By Sharon Traweek

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Seems on the lifetime of particle physicists, exhibiting who those individuals are and what their global is basically like. Traweek exhibits their similarities and alterations, how their careers are formed, how they have interaction with their colleagues and the way their rules approximately time and house form their social constitution.

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7) and thus H -B

48) one obtains a different differential equation for each of the two spin orientations and thus two different solutions G, and G -1-1 . 47) of a

What has been shown here for a mixture of 50 % ej and 50 % e! (unpolarized beam) is also valid for every other mixture (partially polarized beam, Ipl < 1). Since the cross sections for ej and e! 85), that the polarization changes. From the construction just described it follows that a particularly high polarization arises at those angles where one of the two cross sections has a deep minimum so that its value is very small compared to that of the other cross section at the same angle. Electrons of a single spin direction then predominate in the scattered beam, so that one approaches the ideal case of a totally polarized electron beam.

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