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By Gerhard and Klaus-Peter Schmolke Koop

Battleship Scharnhorst

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An interesting aside is that the conversion of these vehicles was arranged by Captain Alfred Becker, commander of Stug. Abt. 200. Becker used his pre-war business contacts to have these vehicles converted in both France and Krefeld, Germany. These vehicles were originally assigned to units fighting on the Eastern Front, but were returned to France in 1943 to equip units serving in the occupation force. With only armour protection against small arms and shell fragments, these thin-skinned, open-topped vehicles could hardly slug it out with Allied armour, but were very effective on the defensive, perfectly suited to the fighting in the bocage country of Normandy.

All the small details like radios painted in. The interior isn’t looking so bare now. The stark paint is just crying out to be dirtied up! Effects of a careful post shade application. See how the paint has been made to look more grubby and lived in. Horizontal streaks were added where the ammo would bump and scrape against the outer armour. Now the interior is looking more realistic. Pastel chalk has been applied to the walls and floor and paint chips added with a lead pencil. Dirty boot prints have been added just to personalize the interior.

The next step is to apply a slurry of pastel chalk and Tamiya acrylic thinner to the tracks. Once dry, I ‘metalled’ the links, adding a wear pattern with a 2B pencil. As a final touch on the Marder I, before the gun and mantlet was permanently attached to the hull, I added chips and wear to the top edges of the armour plate. This is the area the crew would logically hang on to when traversing rough ground. The top edge of the armour plate would wear and chip; I applied these chips again with a 2B pencil and a Derwent black pencil.

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