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By G. Irving Root

ISBN-10: 1448955750

ISBN-13: 9781448955756

The good warfare had began within the Balkans, the virtually inevitable results of a long time of intrigue, assassination and fratricidal clash between a number of fairly minor nationalistic teams. In 4 years of seesaw wrestle, a number of neighborhood international locations have been recruited by means of the warring alliances; 3 have been thoroughly overrun. while the ultimate nice offensives that will finish the conflict all started on all fronts, it was once basically becoming that the Balkans can be the 1st to crack and the enemy disintegration all started there. this can be the tale of the crossing of extensive rivers, agonizing retreats via snowy mountains and struggles in steamy, malarial backwaters. strong naval forces bombarded scrubby sun-baked shorelines, previous amphibious attacks of a new release ahead of the extra recognized D Day. Fledgling air forces shot at one another within the skies over the dusty battlefields. and customary to all conflict tales it is a story of distress, hunger, plague, destruction, mistreatment and dying. regrettably, it's a tale which hasn't ever been accurately informed in comparison to different theatres of the 1st global warfare. right here in textual content and maps is a chronicle of a sorely misunderstood fight, a clash which in lots of methods continues to be unresolved.

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For the first time, the Sultan was now in command of unbroken territory astride two continents, and had eliminated one of his oldest and most persistent opponents. Constantinople’s very name symbolized the Christianization of the Western World, and had long since been the seat of the Orthodox Church. Now the city was in the hands of an Islamic power, and one of the first projects undertaken by the Sultan was to convert the most important Christian Churches into Mosques. If the West was stunned, the Balkan peoples were frantic, and braced themselves for a new wave of Ottoman conquest.

It was during this aftermath period that the battlefield was inadvertently given its name, around which the legends would propagate. The plain appeared to the onlookers to resemble a huge field of ravens, so black was the ground and the surrounding trees with these birds. ‘Field of the Ravens’ became the Kosovo Plain, in local vernacular. Over the years it was somehow corrupted into ‘Field of the Blackbirds’ (although since crows, ravens and vultures are all black this is not a non-inclusive corruption) and has gone down in history as such.

Much of Greece, for example, constitutes a major peninsula from which at least one half-dozen lesser peninsulas protrude. From Greek Macedonia the Chalcidic Peninsula with its three distinct fingers juts southward into the Aegean. And at the extreme southeastern tip of the continent two more isthmus-like peninsulas cover the European side of the Bosporus and Dardanelles, those waterways that separate the lands of Europe from those of Asia. The Balkan region, then, features many peninsulas large and small.

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