Tara Smith's Ayn Rand's Normative Ethics: The Virtuous Egoist PDF

By Tara Smith

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Ayn Rand is widely known for advocating egoism, however the substance of that egoism?s guide isn't understood. faraway from representing the rejection of morality, selfishness, in Rand?s view, really calls for the perform of a scientific code of ethics. This publication explains the elemental virtues that Rand considers very important for somebody to accomplish his goal future health: rationality, honesty, independence, justice, integrity, productivity, and delight. Tara Smith examines what each one of those virtues is composed in, why it's a advantage, and what it calls for of someone in perform.

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9 7 8 9 Irfan Khawaja, “Tara Smith’s Viable Values: A Study of Life as the Root and Reward of Morality,” Reason Papers 26 (Summer 2003), p. 74. Rand understands moral values as a subset of the wider category of values, distinguished by being fundamental and being chosen. Moral values do not arise for lower organisms. See Peikoff, Objectivism, p. 214. Rand, “Causality Versus Duty,” p. 118–119. For more on the status of this choice, see Peikoff, Objectivism, pp. 244–245 and 247–248, and Smith, Viable Values, pp.

The person abiding by the principle of justice must thoughtfully consider all his knowledge of the other person’s situation as well as his purposes in judging him to identify which factors are pertinent and how heavily to weigh them. 43 On the surface, the idea that an egoist should be principled may seem puzzling. If the egoist’s dominant concern is his own well-being, shouldn’t he violate principles when he can get away with it? If his violations will go undetected and he can better advance his interest through periodic breaches, egoism would seem to bless such violations.

A need designates a necessary condition for the attainment of something else. Even the most basic, least controversial needs that people commonly speak of such as needs of food and shelter presuppose that the people in question wish to live. Rand’s point here is that it is only if a person seeks to maintain his life that fulfilling life’s requirements will be good and that the designation of certain ends as ones that a person should seek can be valid. If a person does wish to live, then morality will provide him with guidance for achieving that end.

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