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15. A point such as Lm L ( j 2) must be on or above the curve labeled B ( j 2) . Further, in order to satisfy the specifications, L ( j ) cannot violate the U-contour. In this example a reasonable L ( j ) closely follows the U-contour up to   40 rad/sec and stays below it above   40 as shown in Fig 15. A representative procedure for choosing a rational function Lo (s ) which satisfies the above specifications is now described. It involves building up the function o o o o o w Lo ( j )  Lok ( j )  Po ( j ) [K k Gk ( j )] (34) k 0 w where for k = 0, G  10 , and K   K  o k k 0 In order to minimize the order of the compensator, a good starting point for "building up" the loop transmission function is to initially assume that L ( j ) = P ( j ) as indicated in Eq.

Conclusion Aided inertial navigation remains an active area of research, especially with the introduction of smaller and cheaper (but noisier) inertial sensors. Among the challenges presented by these devices is heading initialization (Titterton & Weston, 2004), which necessitates the use of other aiding systems, and proper stochastic modeling of their error charactertics. In addition, the nonlinearity of the state equations has prompted much research in applied optimal estimation. Despite this, the underlying concepts remain the same and the development presented here should give the reader enough background to understand the issues involved, enabling him or her to pursue more detailed aspects of INS and aided INS design as necessary.

If the two disturbance inputs are measurable, then it represents a four DOF structure. The actual design is closely related to the extent of the uncertainty and to the narrowness of the performance tolerances. , J (5) and is illustrated as follows. Given that the plant transfer function is P( s )  K s(s  a) (6) where the value of K is in the range [1, 10] and a is in the range [-2, 2]. The design objective is to guarantee that TR (s )  Y (s ) / R(s ) and TD ( s )  Y (s ) / D(s ) are members of the sets of acceptable R and D for changes of K and a .

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