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This ebook is going into element with 5 wide articles with regards to contemporary advances in floor technological know-how (1974). The contents are: 1) selection of the constitution and homes of good surfaces through electron diffraction and emission (measuring the constitution and houses of reliable surfaces via measuring and interpreting scattering emission of electrons from those surfaces), 2) Electron spectroscopy of chemisorption of metals (study of chemisorption on fresh, unmarried crystal surfaces of metals using the strategy of box emission of from adsorbate coated surfaces and the tactic of photoemission spectroscopy), three) floor plasma oscillations and similar floor results in solids (study of oscillations in solid-state plasmas), four) thought of dynamical homes of dielectric surfaces (study of the lattice vibrations current on surfaces), five) a few reviews at the digital houses of liquid-metal surfaces (theories and research of liquid-metal surfaces).

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56 The stability constant for the EDTA complex of radium was estimted from the anion exchange data to be 107”4 which is in agreement with the value reported in Table III. Because radium does not form a polychloro anion it is not adsorbed from strong hydrochloric acid solutions by Dowex 1. , uranium, polonium, bismuth, lead, and protactinium) by anion exchange on Dowex 1 from strong solutions of hydrochloric acid. 57358 Iv. DISSOLUTION OF RADIUM SAMPLES Any technique suitable for the dissolution of barium aamples66 will, as a general rule, be applicable to radium.

Tank of hydrogen with two stage regulator. 8. Tank of forming gas (85% N2, 15% Hz) with two stage regulator. 9. Sample introduction system including valves and piping. 10. Pulse type ionization chamber and associated electronic equipment. A. Sampling Procedure a. ) rubber tubing on the inhalator outlet. flask, 46 Do not attach to sampling PROCEDURE1 (Continued) 2. Clean facepiece with cotton and alcohol. 3. Set air pressure on two-stage regulator to 10 lb. }. 4, Have the subject hold the facepiece in place while you check for leaks, particularly around the bridge of the nose.

An emanation flask can be sealed when off the line by means of an interchangeable connecting section, H, containing a 6-rmnbore stopcock and standard-taper ground-glass joints fitting the flasks and the condensers. The flask, A, and the connecting sectione, H, are held together by mans of rubber bands fitting over the female portion of the stopcock and ears projecting from 55 PRCKEDURE3 (Continued) “{L TO VACUUM PUMP 4 TO ARGON TANK 0 c 2 H b KI J A Fig. 9. Emanation apparatus. a metal collar fastened to the flask.

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