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By Han Van Ruler, Anthony Uhlmann, Martin Wilson

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This new English version of Arnold Geulincx Ethics is the 1st whole variation to seem in a contemporary language and contains notes by means of the nice Irish author Samuel Beckett, who indicated that Geulincx used to be a key impression on his works.

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He who has suspended the lantern of his counsels from human subtlety often glitters for a little while: the puerile admire him, and toadies flatter; but soon, snuffed out and guttering amidst smoke and stench, he crashes down onto the onlookers, showering them with his innards, and bruising their noddles. Experience, the dominatrix of fools, teaches it all too well with a spiky rod, today as of yore. In the Temple of Wisdom, therefore, Ethics is the ceiling and the roof. With Logic the foundation is firm and compact; with Mathematics and Metaphysics the columns are sturdy, and the walls well timbered; with Physics the floorboards and plumbing are all neatly and elegantly fitted; but without Ethics the Temple will never be in good repair.

Why is it that reasonable philosophies breed psychological deadlocks? The reason may be that the philosophical vista takes away the aspect of temporality in human action and awareness. While intellectual insight may have a consoling effect, it may just as well impair human vitality and vigour. As Nussbaum explains, a system of morals that focuses exclusively on an intellectual understanding of one’s drives may set such high standards that spontaneity is lost. As ¥i≥ek affirms, superego norms take over.

56 53 Cf. Michiel Wielema, The March of the Libertines. Spinozists and the Dutch Reformed Church (1660 –1750), Hilversum: Verloren, 2004. Carolus Tuinman argued that besides Spinoza, it was Geulincx who had inspired libertinism in Zeeland. Cf. Carolus Tuinman, A. Geulinx Medemaat van B. de Spinoza, en der Vrygeesten, in: Carolus Tuinman, De liegende en bedriegende vrijgeest ontmaskert, Middelburg: Jacobus Boter, Simon Clement and Willeboord Eling, 1715. 54 For the quotation, see below, 291, Annotation 7.

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