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By Beregond, Anders Stenström

ISBN-10: 9197350036

ISBN-13: 9789197350037

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Like he was the complete center of her world. Miguel arched a brow at Sage, those black eyes dark and deep. “No? She watches you, all the time. You walk in a room and she freezes. ” Sage shook his head. No. He couldn’t believe it. Couldn’t even think about it. Not now. Miguel smiled slowly. “Why in hell do you suddenly look so scared? I’ve seen you stand before armed assassins who have orders to kill any Firewalker, and laugh at them. And you love her. You can’t deny that. ” Sage turned away, his throat tight, eyes gritty and dry.

Miguel smirked, a soft snicker leaving him as Sage met his eyes. ” Sage shook his head. “I’m a telepath. Anni’s not a projector, hell, she’s practically a psychic void. I can tell what she’s thinking if I’m touching her, but only if I’m touching her. ” Hands closing into fists, he spun away, stalking over to a tree, leaning his forehead against it. As the rough bark bit into his skin, he sucked in air, trying to focus. It wasn’t working though. It was like closing the distance just made the bond tighter and the more he thought about her, the more closely he felt linked with her.

Miguel’s low, easy voice murmured, “Sorry, amigo. ” They fell through the void, and Sage relished the rush of power that skyrocketed through his veins. Hurtling through the folds between time and space was exhilarating. Heady. Powerful. As they finished the jaunt, Sage felt the firm earth beneath his feet and then he shoved away from Miguel’s tight grip, turning around and glaring at him. But before he could say so much as one thing, Miguel fell to his knees and promptly puked. Sage turned away, unable to keep from laughing, even through the fear and rage that swamped him.

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Arda Philology 3 by Beregond, Anders Stenström

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