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By John Vornholt

ISBN-10: 067188560X

ISBN-13: 9780671885601

The Bajoran shipyard is assigned to construct an engine for a brand new starship, a venture that could be instrumental in revitalizing the planet's war-ravished financial system. As Commander Sisko awaits the coming of a tanker containing the antimatter that would strength the starship, a band of hijackers captures the super beneficial shipment and escapes in the course of the wormhole. while the hijacking spurs a political debate, significant Kira struggles to mediate the dispute among the opposing factions. in the meantime, Sisko makes a determined circulation to retrieve the antimatter. With the soundness of the Bajoran economic system at stake, Sisko, Dax, and Odo infiltrate the hijackers, a movement that may have lethal outcomes for them and the planet Bajor.

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Thus far, everything he had learned was troubling. For the hundredth time, he turned to his screen and studied his notes 1. Antimatter is the most dangerous substance ever discovered. When it comes into contact with matter, both are annihilated in a devastat- ing explosion. 2. Under controlled circumstances, this power is used to drive a starship, but a warp-core meltdown can result in total destruction. 3. When not in use, antimatter must be stored in a special pod that contains the substance within magnetic fields.

The hell with regulations! If we wait that long, they're sure to strike again. Believe me, these people are capable of any- thing, including a suicide mission. " "He won't do it if I tell him. " Dax shook her head. "I'm sorry, but the chances are nil of getting Benjamin Sisko to commandeer a Feder- ation starship that hasn't even been checked out yet. " The Bajoran's shoulders slumped. "Then we're in serious trouble," she muttered. " "So do I," answered the Trill. "But if we can't do it safely, under the proper precautions and regulations, the Federation is not going to be impressed.

The crippled cruiser suddenly came alive with a vibrant surge that lit it from stem to stern. It raked the nearest Klingon ship with an array of photon torpe- does at point-blank range. Because the Bird-of-Prey had been using its tractor beam, its shields were down, and it sparkled like a pigeon hitting a live wire. Just as suddenly, the second cruiser came out of warp drive, its phasers blazing. The other Bird-of-Prey went reel- ing under the blast, and the battle was rejoined. Sisko, Odo, and Dax dashed to the turbolift.

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