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By Marcia S. Freeman

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National Research Council 2006, p. 73) The emergence of RRI reflects the diagnosis that available approaches to shaping science and technology still do not meet all of the far-ranging expectations towards technology governance and achieving a “better technology in a better society” (Rip et al. 1995). The hope behind the RRI movement is that new – or further developed – approaches could add considerably to existing approaches such as TA and engineering ethics. Indeed, compared to earlier approaches such as SST or CTA there are shifts of accentuation and new focuses of emphasis (Schomberg 2012; Grunwald 2012): • “Shaping innovation” complements or even replaces the former slogan “shaping technology” which characterised the social constructivist approach to technology.

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Technology in Culture, 24, 93–109. Habermas, J. (1970). Toward a rational society. Boston: Beacon Press. First publication: Habermas, J. ). (1968). Technik und Wissenschaft als Ideologie. Frankfurt: Suhrkamp. , & Belucci, S. ). (2002). Participatory technology assessment – European perspectives. London: University of Westminster. Luhmann, H. J. (2009). CO2-Abscheidung und -Lagerung bei Kohlekraftwerken: kein Beitrag zur Lösung des Klimaproblems. GAIA, 18(4), 294–299. National Research Council. (2006).

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