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By Henry R. West

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John Stuart Mill used to be the major British thinker of the 19th century and his recognized essay Utilitarianism is the main influential assertion of this philosophical process. Henry West's advent to utilitarianism serves as either a statement to, and interpretation of, the textual content.

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391. , 393–4. Letter to William George Ward, spring of 1849, The Later Letters of John Stuart Mill 1849–1873, 26. , 30. 39 P1: GnI CY255B-05 0 521 828325 September 18, 2003 13:49 An Introduction to Mill’s Utilitarian Ethics Mill does not cite it as an example in this essay, but one of his greatest concerns was the problem of overpopulation. 30 “Poverty, like most social evils,” says Mill, “exists because men [and women] follow their brute instincts without due consideration. , the human] is not necessarily a brute.

223. 18 P1: JPK CY255B-04 0 521 828325 September 18, 2003 13:44 Mill’s Life and Philosophical Background more active and intelligent than even the most benevolent despotism, cultivating public sympathies and stimulating people to look at questions from impersonal points of view. But he wanted to ensure that the voice of minorities would be heard in Parliament and that representatives not simply reflect the ignorance and prejudices of an uneducated majority. ” In Mill’s version, it is a scheme of preferential voting for persons on a list of candidates, without restriction to geographical representation.

West, “Consequentialism,” in The Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Supplement, 346–7. For an introductory discussion of the distinction between deontological and teleological theories, see William K. Frankena, Ethics, 13ff. Elsewhere Mill quotes with approval from his father’s “Fragment on Mackintosh”: “But all action, as Aristotle says, (and all mankind agree with him) is for an end. Actions are essentially means . . ,” in James Mill, Analysis of the Phenomena of the Human Mind, 262, n. 49. 31 P1: GnI CY255B-05 0 521 828325 September 18, 2003 13:49 An Introduction to Mill’s Utilitarian Ethics wrong, this moral sense is sometimes thought to tell us in particular cases that an act is wrong (or right) as well as to tell us what general kinds of rules we ought to follow.

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