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The main aim is to reduce oil consumption. Government Directive No. 06 sets out the measures for energy con­ servation. The Building Academy of the German Demo­ cratic Republic is the government agency responsible for implementing the programme for the built environment. Measures are to decrease the thermal losses of buildings, increase the efficiency of heating and substitute solid fuels where oil is currently used. 7. Part 08 of the Standard specifies methods of determining the economic thickness of insulation material.

Very generally, this legislation and other policy measures are designed to im­ prove the thermal characteristics of building fabric (walls, roof, windows, doors and floors), provide heating more efficiently and reduce heat losses from air leaks. The broad intentions of these government policies are reflected in the physical forecasts made in this study. The measures adopted between 1975 and 1981 are described briefly for many ECE countries. These cover many of the seventeen countries in the study group, but includes some which are not (HBP 1980).

Between 1973 and 1977, for instance, the housing stock increase by some 400 000 dwellings while twice as many dwellings, about 800000 were connected to district heating schemes during the same period. The Memorandum on Energy Policy calls for the greater use of heat pumps, waste heat and co-generation facilities. Energy consumption monitoring and measuring is also to be promoted. The conservation programme is to reduce oil consump­ tion by half of what it would otherwise be by the year 2000. Savings for heating in buildings could be as much as 21 per cent of 1977 consumption by 1985, 33 per cent by 1990 and 45 per cent by the year 2000.

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