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By Anne King

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The old method of opening up new areas for cultivation had been stopped. In some parts of Kenya it was declared illegal to cut down forest or to move across a so-called tribal boundary. The amount of population growth varied widely from group to group but the common * W. Allan, Th11 African Husbandman, p. 335. 36 An Economic History of Kenya and Uganda 1800-1970 solution to the pressures of land shortage was to farm the existing tracts more intensively. The period of crop and land rotation became shorter, plots were divided into smaller and smaller fragments in an attempt to adhere to the traditions.

On the other hand, sisal and coffee in Kenya and cotton in Uganda were much more successful and even by 1914 the export market for them was growing. Coffee had become the premier export to Europe.

By 1969 the census in Uganda reported a decline in the infant mortality rate to 120 per thousand live births. However, if one takes into account the reluctance of mothers to provide this sort of information, it is probable that the average infant mortality rates have been much higher. Yet these infant mortality rates are only averages for the two countries. The regional pattern of infant mortality has been quite different. In Uganda the infant mortality rate for West Mengo, the most developed area of Uganda, was only 82 deaths per thousand babies born in 1969, while in the outlying areas the rate was close to 200 per thousand.

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