Amphibionics: Build Your Own Biologically Inspired Reptilian - download pdf or read online

By Karl Williams

ISBN-10: 0071429212

ISBN-13: 9780071429214

This paintings offers the hobbyist with precise mechanical, digital, and PIC microcontroller wisdom had to construct and application a snake, frog, turtle, and alligator robots. It specializes in the development of every robotic intimately, after which explores the realm of slithering, leaping, swimming, and strolling robots, and the unreal intelligence wanted with those structures.

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LOOKDOWN Search constant table for value. LOOKDOWN2 Search constant/variable table for value. LOOKUP Fetch constant value from table. LOOKUP2 Fetch constant/variable value from table. LOW Make pin output low. NAP Power down processor for short period of time. 2 Statement Description PicBasic Pro Statement Reference (continued) ON DEBUG Execute BASIC debug monitor. ON INTERRUPT Execute BASIC subroutine on an interrupt. OUTPUT Make pin an output. PAUSE Delay (1mSec resolution). PAUSEUS Delay (1uSec resolution).

This is the Tektronix TDS 210 dual channel, digital real-time oscilloscope, with a 60-MHz bandwidth. The TDS 210 on my bench also has the RS-232, GPIB, and centronics port module added, so that a hard copy of waveforms can be output. The great advantage to using an oscilloscope is the ability to visualize what is happening with a circuit. The new digital oscilloscopes also automatically calculate the frequency, period, mean, peak to peak, and true RMS of a waveform. You will probably need to use a regulated direct current (DC) power supply and a function generator quite often as well.

Port B has eight I/O lines available and Port A has five I/O lines. For example, the first robot project in the book details the construction and programming of a robotic frog. This project will use the same main controller circuit board as the hexapod robot featured in the book Insectronics so that readers who have built the Insectronic robot will be able to jump right into this project. 2. 2 Frogbotics main controller board schematic. 1 shows how the various pins of Port A and Port B will be used as inputs and outputs to control the different functions of the frog robot.

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