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By Lan-Anh Bui

The fashion for crocheting lovable characters has swept via Japan and round the world-and now every person can get stuck up during this impossible to resist new pastime. Amigurumi, which accurately capability crocheted filled toy, is speedy, amazing, and exceptional enjoyable. It takes quite a few mins to benefit the options, and its the ideal craft for inventive humans of every age. This superbly illustrated consultant bargains quite a number inspiring tasks that includes quirky and cute creatures. And the directions are in particular effortless to persist with as a result of the innovatively uncomplicated crochet charts that accompany the designs.

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35 sts Ro und I 5: De around. c 4) A rep around. 28 sts rep around. 18 sts 5- 10 12 A Round 18: (de in next 2 de, de2tog) Break yarn, leaving a long tail. I1 8 (dee 4) A 12 8 A 2 re p around. 2 1 sts Round 19: (de in next 6 de, de2tog) re p around. 18 sts Break yarn, leaving a long tail. Round Stitches Yarn MC7 A 2 14 (inc 7) A 3 2 1 Qne 7) A 4 28 (i ne 7) A 5 35 (irK 7) A 6 35 A 7 42 (I ne 7) A 8-1 5 42 A 16 35 (dee 7) A 17 28 (dec 7) A 18 2 1 (dec 7) A 19 18 (dec3) A A MIGURUM I Round Stitches Yarn MC7 A 2 14 (inc 7) A 3 21 (inc 7) A Round I: Using 35 mm hoo k, Band Top beak 4 28 (ine 7) A MC, wo rk 5 de.

Requ ired. Attach feet and sew on wings. Round Stitches Yarn MC5 C 2 10 (inc 5) C Stitches Yarn MC5 B 2 10 (inc 5) B 3 13 (inc3) C 3 15 (inc 5) B 4 17 (inc4) C 4 20 0nc 5) B 5- 7 20 B Round St uff body and attach to head. 5mm hook. C and Feet (make 2) MC, work 5 de. 5 sts Round I: Dc around . 10 sts Round 2: 2dc into each st ( 10 sts) Round 2: (2dc into each st. ch, turn. Rounds 3- 6: Dc around. 10 sts Round 3: 2de in next dc, de in next Round 7: (2dc in next dc, de in next 4 de); rep to end. I 3 sts de) rep amund.

12 stS rep around. 24 sts Edging: Work (2ch, de into next st) Round 21: Dc around. 24 sts x 7 to form a decorat ive edge. Round 22: (de in next 4 dc, de2tog) rep around. 20 sts Round AM IGURUMI Yarn MC 4 B 2 8 (inc 4) B 3 12 (inc 4) B Round 23: (de in next 3 de. de2tog) re p aro und . 16 sts Stitches Top fin Round I: Using B and MC. work 5 de. 5 sts Round 2: 2dc into each st I 0 sts Round 3: I ch, turn (de in neXl: 2 dc , 2dc in next d e) rep 4 times. 12 sts Round 4: (2ch, de in next dc) rep 12 t imes.

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