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But if you stop your ordinary view and visualize the place as a mandala instead, then in dependence upon this pure object, your thoughts will be pure. A pure object helps your mind have pure thoughts. It protects your mind from critical, judgmental thoughts and enables you to collect merit, purifY, and approach enlightenment. Similarly, thinking of yourself or others as the deity does not mean that your ordinary flesh and bone body is the deity's holy body. First, you meditate on emptiness to purify the ordinary appearance and 49 A CHAT ABOUT YAMANTAKA concept of yourself and others, then you visualize the deity's holy body, the pure aggregates, and then you meditate that yours is the deity's holy body.

OM SVABHAVA SHUDDHA SARVA OM SUNYATA]NANA DHARMA SVABHAVA SHUDDHO HAM VA]RA SVABHAVAATMAKO HAM Because I myself, the deities, the field of merit, and all other phenomena are dependent designations, everything becomes empty, having the true nature of selflessness, and is parted from the four extremes of eternalism, nihilism, and so forth. Although the verse follows the mantras in the sadhana, His Holiness advises reciting the verse on emptiness first and the mantras afterwards. When you meditate and know the meaning of the mantras, you see that reciting them after the verse is more suitable.

INSTANTANEOUS SELF-GENERATION Instantaneously I arise in the form of the glorious Vajra Bhairava, with one face and two arms, holding cleaver and skullcup. Within emptiness, your wisdom instantly manifests as a lotus. The petals in the four main directions are red. In the southeast and northwest, they are yellow; in the southwest green; and in the northeast black. Your mind is the dharmakaya, the transcendental wisdom of non-dual bliss and emptiness. It appears in the form of a shaft of blue light which then becomes Yamantaka, dark blue, with one face and two arms, holding a skullcup and a curved knife.

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