Alternative Energy Sources. Kuwait Foundation for the by Jamal T. Manassah PDF

By Jamal T. Manassah

ISBN-10: 0124671020

ISBN-13: 9780124671027

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II-7, contains a three-region core with a total of 121 fuel subassemblies of which 33 contain rod cluster control (RCC) clusters( Fig. II-8). Chemical shim is used to control this reactor. , the fuel subassemblies are not contained in individ­ ual channels. 422 in. 3669 in. diam. 600 in. long. The cladding tube is sealed at both ends by a plug welded to it. Sufficient void is left at the top to accommodate both gaseous fission products and fuel thermal expansion. A compression spring is placed within the void between the top plug and the top fuel pellet to prevent shifting of the fuel during shipment.

Each subassembly is supported axially by seven Inconel spring clip grids, and bottom and top nozzles (Fig. II-9J, Five of the grids are mix­ ing grids which help intermix coolant within the core and thus reduce tempera­ ture gradients. Each fuel rod is supported in two perpendicular directions by spring clips whose forces (11-14 Ibf) are opposed by two rigid dimples. This provides rigid support and reduces flow-induced vibrations of the fuel rods. The rods are free to expand axially, reducing reactivity effects due to bowing.

That principle was quite success­ ful in transforming the BWR into a load-following reactor. Its major drawback was in plant complexity and hence higher-than-desired capital cost. (4) RECIRCULATION FLOW CONTROL. This method is the one that is employed in the current generation of BWR power plants. It operates by changing the flow rate of the recirculation water in an internal recirculation system as shown in Fig.

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Alternative Energy Sources. Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences by Jamal T. Manassah

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